Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peterson Update and New Address!!!

Here is the update we sent via email. If you are not on our list and would like to receive email updates, let us know! :)
We should have new pictures up soon.

Dear Family and Friends,

We have a new address, as our mail carrier has moved. The address is:

Unit 3039-ECDR
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

It is now the same for UPS and USPS.

March has been a very busy month for us. Just a week ago was the biggest school event of the year: Kermes (basically a carnival). For us, it included getting our games together (I did the cake walk, so I had to find people to help me bake cakes, bake a bunch of cakes myself, etc.), and getting costumes made (I was Dorothy and Daniel was the Tin Man. It was a Wizard of Oz theme). The Saturday before Kermes my, Teresa, parents flew in. We picked them up at the airport, drove to Jarabacoa, had lunch, and took them to the local coffee factory. While the tour was in Spanish, we were able to understand it, partly through our very limited Spanish, and partly because I had done the tour a year ago and someone had translated. We had a great time and enjoyed some good coffee. Oh, and the tour guide gave Daniel a coffee plant (he jokingly asked if they sold them). Sunday was an incredibly hectic day, we went to church in the morning, left after the worship time to hurry over to school, worked at the Carnival all day, cleaned up, and then went out to dinner very exhausted (I was not going to cook that night!). Monday was better because we had the day off (due to Kermes). We went with my parents to a beautiful waterfall (the same one we took Daniel's parents to) and ate lunch there. On our way up it started to pour… and didn't stop until Thursday. Ok, maybe it stopped at some point, but not for long! At that point, our water went off, and we didn't get it back until Wednesday afternoon. But Monday night we went out to eat, so I didn't have to worry about dishes and not having water anyway. Tuesday my parents came to school and met my students. That evening the Taylor group (on a missions trip over spring break) came over for dinner, along with other teachers from school. All-in-all, we had over 30 people at our house. JCS teachers pitched in food, and we had a great time! However, we still had no water, so that was a little embarrassing, having to force flush the toilet every now and then. On Wednesday my parents went up to Constanza (the next town up the mountain) to visit some friends that are missionaries there. They work with Kids Alive and are building an orphanage. Daniel and I took that opportunity to get things ready for Friday, as we would be taking the day off and having a sub. Thursday afternoon, Daniel and my class threw a party for me, and my parents joined. We played kick-ball, ate food, had fun, etc. They even decorated the classroom! I felt very loved. J The sun even came out during kick-ball!

Thursday night we went to the birthday party of a teacher's son at a Pizza place. It was fun to be a little kid's birthday party and watch him get excited about his presents!

Friday morning (Teresa's Birthday) we left for the beach. When we got there it was cloudy, but we walked from our hotel to the beach anyway (and decided we would drive the next day). That night my parents took us out for a very nice dinner. On Saturday we were expecting it to be cloudy and rainy, and hurried to the beach, hoping to make it before the rain. To our surprise, it was beautiful and sunny! We also met the some of the Taylor group on the beach and chatted with them for a while. In the evening we had dinner at an Italian place that made their own pasta. I felt very spoiled. Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast at our hotel and had to drive my parents to the airport. L Then we drove back home and got things ready for school the next day. Pictures from the visit will be on our blog soon!

So, thank you mom and dad for a great visit! Daniel and I enjoyed our time with you!

Sorry your plane was delayed for so long!

Prayer Requests:

-Continued search for a new director

-Teachers for JCS next year (if you want to come, let us know!)

-Summer jobs

-Guidance with grad school for Daniel (online)

-Restful spring break next week

-That we would continue to show God's love to our students (and grow in patience!)

God bless you all!
In Him,
Teresa and Daniel

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