Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weddings and More

Well, we've passed the first two weekends back in the States by going to weddings. One was two Taylor friends’ wedding (Liz and Nathan Brooks), and one was two Notre Dame friends’ (Daniel's best man-Paul and Elizabeth) wedding. We had a great time at both and enjoyed seeing friends. On our way to the first one, and back, we stayed with Brent and Sara in their new house in Upland. They are renting a house on a farm that has kittens and an adorable dog. The day after the wedding- Sunday, after church, we went canoeing. It was a lot of fun. J It was so good to be with our brother and sister-in-law! Last week was another busy week of work, Spanish class, being with people, etc. After the wedding this past weekend we drove home late Saturday night, and spent Sunday with my family- as we have not spent time with my dad since the first day we got back two weeks ago (he’s been away on two business trips). For the Fourth of July we are spending the morning with my parents and the evening with Daniel’s parents.

Another note- if anyone is interested in buying a mini-van (1998 Ford Windstar), please let us know. :)

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