Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Week of Typhoid

It started like a regular cold. Many people in the school were getting sick, so I (Teresa) figured I had caught a cold from one of the students or another staff member. By Friday evening I knew I would be sick, but I was still hoping to fight it off (most of the time my colds go away before they really begin). So, on Saturday Daniel and I went ahead with the hike we had planned. We went with some friends from church, and some kids from the Ark, to Magote, but took a different path than the very difficult one we have done previously. I was grateful for this, as I was feeling a little bit out of it. We walked along for about ½ an hour, until we came to a gate. Daniel and I, Regan, and Allison, a girl who is working at the Ark, went on a little further before turning back to join the rest of the group. We then had a quick lunch and drove to a nearby river to do some swimming. We only stayed for 10-15 minutes, but we had a great time! The activity made me feel much better, and my energy had returned. By Saturday night, however, I had a fever. This surprised me, as I rarely get fevers, and have only had another one other time that I can remember since I was a kid. I stayed home from church Sunday and rested. Daniel was a wonderful help- making me comfortable and taking care of me. That afternoon we got ice cream and took a motorbike drive down to the Confluencia just to cool off- it’s been so hot! On Monday my throat hurt and it was difficult to talk, but I decided to try going to school anyway. I was encouraged by some teachers to get a blood test, just in case, since another teacher had been sick with a type of typhoid. So, on Tuesday morning I missed my first class (another teacher took over) so I could get a blood test. I am very thankful to friends who are willing to help out! Sharon Branson, a missionary and doctor, explained what I needed done, translated the results for me, and told me what medicine I needed. As it turned out, I tested positive for a type of typhoid.

For those of you who know anything about typhoid, this is not “the typhoid fever.” Thankfully, I’ve had an immunization for that, and do not ever want to get it. This is a relative/ strain of typhoid which is not as serious, but still annoying, and there is no vaccine for it. I was told to take Wed. off from school, which I did, much to Daniel’s relief (he wasn’t happy that I didn’t take off on Tuesday). Daniel was very sweet, and visited me during his lunch break. By Wed. night I still didn’t feel better, so I stayed home yet another day (though I was not happy about it). However, I am now glad that I did, as I feel much better and more rested. I am, however, very much looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.

As annoying as typhoid has been, God had definitely shown me how the body of Christ pulls together to help- it has been so encouraging and humbling to know that others have been taking on extra classes, etc. to give me time to rest, as well as praying for me and supporting me. And, of course, I am so thankful for Daniel’s help and love, as he has had to do lots of extra work during this time. Praise the Lord for friends and family! And praise the Lord that I am finally getting better! J

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