Monday, October 29, 2007

My kitchen

Picture taken our first year here, before we had decorated or added to it...

I just saw that Ashley tagged me for a kitchen meme to list 8 random things from my kitchen or cooking. Hmmm... my kitchen....

1. It has a really cool counter (check out the pic). Unfortunately, there is not much counter space on the right side of the sink, which makes doing dishes frustrating. And there's no dishwasher (does anyone in the D.R. have one,? I don't know).

2. We need more freezer space! Recently, we have enjoyed putting things away in the freezer to use for throw-together meals. We have frozen veggies (fresh veggies that we blanched), lasagna, home-made pasta sauce, pizza dough, cookie dough (I only wanted to bake half, so I froze the rest), rye bread (not home-made), fresh beans, egg roll wrappers (also not home-made), chicken broth, fruit for smoothies, cherries, cherry juice, ground beef, grilled chicken, a seafood mix (mussels, shrimp, white fish, and octupus), and of course, milk for the baby (also home-made ;). )

3. Our pantry- recently cleaned out, de-poopified, and re-organized!

4. Our bread machine and rice cooker, great appliances! The rice cooker also works as our bean-softener.

5. I recently put together a "Peterson meals" list so I can quickly plan easy, not too expensive, meals for the week. Daniel does the shopping. :)

6. Daniel and I both love experimenting with new meals, especially if they're from other cultures. We love just about every type of food!

7. One of my favorite Dominican foods is Pastalon de Platanos madura. We've been able to make it taste yummy, but I have not been able to make rice and beans or chicken have the good Dominican flavor. We do experiment with random rice dishes, though.

8. I love to make homemade tortillas, bagels, and pretzels. The tortillas have turned out well, and I can make them much faster than I could the first time I tried.
Ok, I tag.... hmmm... Ashley already tagged the people I would tag... Ok, Regan, I want to hear 8 things you can make! I also tag Lindsay Wells. :)


Joanna said...

I like your kitchen very much!
And, I understand the feeling of needing more freezer space! A chest freezer is high on the list of things-to-get-at-the-new-house.

Daniel & Teresa said...

I wish you could come and see my kitchen! Will you be in the area any time soon? ;)

Joanna said...

I was going to come down right away, but there was some kind of weather pattern down there that prevented it. I guess I'll have to find another time to visit ;-)