Thursday, October 23, 2008

My excuse

I've been meaning to blog lately. I even think of things I want to blog about. But lately I've been busy. And the days I'm not busy, my brain is too tired to blog. Last week I added Algebra 2 to my tutoring. I'm not doing a lot now- only two hours Monday, two hours Wednesday. I'm teaching writing to three students (who are partly homeschooled) and Algebra 2 to two students (one is homeschooled). Even with only two hours, two days a week (and all the prep time), it takes energy. I enjoy doing it, but I certainly wouldn't want to have more classes. Jeremiah tends to be whiney when I'm tutoring, especially during the second class (which happens to be Algebra 2). It's hard to concentrate and think about math when there's a child throwing a tantrum! My first class is 1:30-2:30. My second is 3:30-4:30. I try to spend the hour in between giving Jeremiah lots of attention. But he's usually so tired by the afternoon (and resists a nap), so he's crabby anyway.
I realize that I haven't taken many picture of Jeremiah lately, either. So I haven't had pictures to post. The first quarter at JCS just finished. Yay, Daniel for making it through the first quarter! Ok, I should start on supper now. Fried rice and egg drop soup with cabbage. Mmmmm...

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