Monday, February 01, 2010

Timmy started solids!

My original plan was to wait until 6 months. That's the time that most babies have lost their tongue-thrust, their digestive system is more developed, they're sitting up, etc. And I certainly don't want to start him too early. However, the past few weeks I've noticed Timmy eying our food intensely as we eat. And he seems to be hungrier. And he tries to grab things off our plate. Last week I began to wonder if we should try him on solids early (he's 3 weeks shy of 6 months). Today tried to steal my bread and then attempted to throw himself into it (though he has poor aim). So, we decided to go ahead and try solids today, especially because we had some pumped milk in the fridge from the weekend that needed to be used. If he seemed ready, we'd continue. If not, we'd try again in a few weeks. So, I mixed a Tablespoon of rice cereal with about 4 tablespoons milk, and let him try that. He certainly seemed excited about it, and ate almost all of it. And most of it ended up in his mouth! Of course, Jeremiah was the most excited of all of us! We took some video and pictures that we'll share later...

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