Friday, February 16, 2007

Baby & Valentine's

Also this week, we went down to Santiago for another monthly checkup. Not knowing what the insurance situation would be, and not wanting to put it off any longer, we decided to pay for Teresa's blood work out of pocket and hope we can get it reimbursed. The ultrasound this month was great to see... fingers all accounted for, 2 arms, 2 legs, and definite arm movement visible, even though the baby's only 2-3 inches long. The picture's not very clear, but you can start to see definite baby!!

For Valentine's Day, we came home and had fondue of cheese & bread for appetizer, veggies and meat in oil for main course (along with multiple nummy sauces) , and then melted caramel with fruit and angel food cake. We had a good, much needed, relaxing night together.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will begin the process of looking for a new bike. I (Daniel) will be going with a friend of ours to look around a bit and price shop so that Teresa and I can decide exactly what we want soon. Please pray that we'd have wisdome and seek God's will over our own.

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Ron Stohler said...

Nice resemblance!!

Ron from Indy :-)