Sunday, February 04, 2007

Email Update

Here is the email we recently sent out as an update:

Dear Family and Friends,
We are writing to not only send our belated newletter, but to ask for your prayers.
Recently we discovered that Teresa is not insured, although we have been paying for her insurance. The insurance company somehow forgot to put her on the plan, and instead put Daniel on twice. When they caught the error, they deleted the extra, but still did not add her. To make matters worse, we found out that the school canceled our insurance over the summer, though we were not aware of this at the time, and did not start it again until September 4. As a result, our pregnancy would not be insured even if Teresa had been added in September, because she got pregnant within the three month beginning period. (We were about 1.5 weeks too soon)

In addition to this, our motorbike was just stolen from our carport tonight. We've contacted the police and will be filing a report in the morning.

Please pray that we would be trusting God in all that is occuring, that, if possible, our bike would be recovered, and that God would continue to supply our needs, as He has so faithfully in the past and present.
Thank you.

God bless,
Daniel and Teresa

P.S. If you want a copy of our newletter and did not receive it, let us know and we will email it to you (it's in PDF, so it's not a big file).

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