Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby "Fern" Updates

For those who don't know, we named the Fetus "Fern." Don't worry, that will not be the name of the baby.
Last week we went in for a check up. We couldn't go to Santiago, because our doctor is on vacation for two weeks, so we went in to a doctor here in Jarabacoa. On the ultrasound, we saw Fern close up. The doctor saw the gender, but we asked him not to tell us. Fern was so cute! It was sucking it's thumb. :)
We did not get any picture of the whole baby, only of measurements (it's head, leg, etc.)
Head Circum.: 6 in
Femur (top of leg)length: 1 in.
Abdomen circum.: 4.5 in.

In addition, my belly is growing rapidly. Those here can tell the small changes, though it still looks small. But even my students comment on it! :) They love patting my small belly already.
I haven't felt any baby movements for certain yet. Sometimes I think I feel something, but I have no idea what it should feel like.
I'm in my 18th week, just beginning the 5th month. Half way done! Yay!


beth said...

Hey, I'd say you have 2 more weeks til you're half-way done. :-) I'm a full forty and STILL pregnant! (And my belly WAY HUGER than yours). So huge, in fact, that I choose not to embarrass myself in the public eye by posting any more pics. Or breaking the camera by taking any. :-) Hard to believe such a big baby (6 in. head!) could be in your tiny little belly! Sigh, wow. Hard to believe how huge my baby is... and he's still inside! Mmmm k, I'm rambling. Time to start dinner already!

Ashley said...

Aww yay a belly picture! :-D Thanks for posting that. And what's wrong with the name Fern? It's a nice name. :-)

zay said...

oh yay, you two! This is just mass happiness. Yay again!