Sunday, April 01, 2007

Peterson Visit and a Haircut

Daniel's parents arrived very early Friday morning. We had a half day that day, so they came into school and met our kids. They were able to attend the birthday party Daniel threw for me with my class. The kids were so cute! One of them even brought in a huge birthday cake! That night we went out with JCS teachers and the Petersons to the Columbian food stand for some yummy food. Afterward, we had a bonfire (on our cement patio) and Daniel set off a large firework he received over Christmas break. Talk about a birthday celebration! I felt very special. :)
That day I also went with Sara, and Kristy (a JCS teacher) to the salon to have a manicure and hair cut. They I felt so pampered. It was also fun to have girl time! I'm not sure when I've had my hair this short. I wasn't expecting it to be cut that short, but that's ok.
On Saturday we took a motobike trip up to a waterfall, and then down to the lower waterfall in the same river (It was about a 40 min drive from the top to the bottom waterfall). It was a chance to have Daniel's fam. see Jarabacoa from a fun perspective (it's much more enjoyable on a motocycle than in a car).
All in all, it was a good start to Semana Santa and the Peterson's visit. Today we're leaving for the beach. I'll have much more to update then. :)

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Larissa said...

Your hair cut is really cute! Also, nice profile picture in your previous post. Pregnant women are so beautiful! (Not that you weren't beautiful when you weren't pregnant. :) )