Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Building

Yesterday a flier was sent home to all the students at JCS announcing that the much-anticipated new building will be built this summer. The new building will for now house the offices, library, computer lab (which we did not have before) and something to the effect of a school nurse. Future plans will add a second floor including a science lab (Yay!!!) and classrooms.
A few building teams will be coming down over the summer to work on construction, and I am sure I (Daniel) will be working on things here and there as they're needed. The catch is that the school is very short of the cost it will take for the new buildings. School parents were asked to donate if they are able anything from a few cinder blocks to an AC unit for the computer lab. If anybody is interested in being a part of the new building, please e-mail us. Please, nobody feel pressured, but I wanted to share this opportunity to give to those who may be interested.

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