Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekends in the D. R.

A typical weekend for us consists us usually at least one social get-together, working around the house on Saturday, and church and relaxing on Sunday.

This Friday evening we went to a student's birthday party. The theme was "50's" and we both attempted to dress up. Their was an Elvis impersonating contest, and Daniel won. :) We both had an enjoyable time.

On Saturday we bought groceries for the week, put up valences in our living room/ kitchen, bought the items needed to put up our tarp as an awning (which we'll do next week), and relaxed in the evening with a movie and a homemade Indian dinner.

We attend a Spanish speaking church here, which has helped us greatly with our Spanish. Last Sunday we shared our testimonies at church (in Spanish), because we are planning on becoming members (more on that to come later). We have Sunday school from 9-10 and then the service from 10-11:30 which includes praise time and the sermon. I especially enjoy singing worship songs in Spanish because I'm forced to focus more on the words and meanings.

Well, that's about the extent of our exciting weekend. :) I'm sure our weekends (and weeks) will change drastically after baby arrives!

Oh, and Happy Dominican Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

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Sara said...

Hey you two!
I've been thinking of learning Spanish for my job (I have a few Spanish speaking clients)- any tips???