Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

So, I'm a little late on this post...
Daniel's birthday was July 10th. To celebrate I cooked Italian food and we had an evening of just the two of us. His big birthday gift (combo gift from his family and I) was a grill. Here's a picture of it. Daniel's parents made a "coupon" for the grill, and he picked it out online (the one he liked the best was also the one I had like the best when I was looking for them). The rest of his birthday gifts were also grill related: grill tools, a "pan" and "wok," grilling book, "mop," and tarp to cover it. We got the grill last Tuesday night and Daniel set it up right away with the help of Dylan. Here are pics from birthday and of the grill. We plan to have our first meal on it- grilled BBQ chicken pizza- Saturday evening after Daniel seasons the grill.
On Friday night we had friends over to celebrate his b-day. We grilled (not on ours, unfortunately, as it had not arrived yet), ate lots of yummy food (including Leah's carrot cake), and played with sparklers and babies!- though again, not ours which had not and still has not arrived ;) .
Daniel's Birthday Dinner

Daniel enjoying his strawberry birthday-pie

Daniel opening the coupon (notice the "ooooooo" expression)

The new grill!

(See facebook for more pics)

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