Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh what a night!

To be sung to the tune of the song, "Oh What a night."

Oh what a night!
I did not sleep because my baby had gas;
He cried all night and now my head's a mess.
What a baby, what a night!

Oh what a night!
This constipation just is no fun;
Please give advice for my gassy son.
What a baby, what a night!

And that about sums up that...


beth@thenaturalmommy said...

Oh dear! I hope you don't have anything to do today - you should nap whenever Jer does!

Have you tried LOTS AND LOTS of water? And juice? Replace milk at meals with juice. That's about all the advice I have....

Lisa said...

Poor baby! My advice is *almost* like hers.. have you increased the solids lately? I'd cut back for a while if that's the case, it sounds like maybe baby is not ready for that yet. And dairy is a likely culprit too. YOUR milk does not count as dairy. ;-)

Daniel & Teresa said...

We've been trying to give him lots of water (and breast milk, of course!). I don't want to give him apple juice, since I know that can make it worse (since it doesn't have much fiber), so we bought some prunes and stewed them to make some prune juice. We'll see how that works...I just hope the plane ride tomorrow goes well with a sleepy, fussy baby!

Anonymous said...

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