Monday, September 15, 2008

We need a break!

It started with Thursday. I went to school before noon, helped with scholarship stuff (I'm volunteering to do the work behind the scholarship program) and then took off to Escuela Caribe with Daniel to borrow their very large pick-up truck (we drove up together, then I drove back with our car). From there, we went to one of the staff houses to help them move. I drove things in our car, while Daniel drove the large pick-up. We finally got back home after 6:30 (needing to feed a hungry child!), exhausted, but glad to have been of help (afterall, we were so grateful for all the help we had when moving!). By this point, Jeremiah and I already had a cold. Also throughout the week, Jeremiah had been frequently streching out his stomach in pain and crying, and I was already worrying about if I should take him to the doctor.
Friday afternoon: after a day of grocery shopping, I'm at home with Jeremiah, lying on the floor (I was tired) as he was playing. Suddenly, he does his stomach-stretch cry-thing, and then throws up all over me. A lot. I run to the shower, since my shirt has a puddle of throw-up, rinse off, and come back to my crying baby. I clean him up, calm him, nurse him, and put him down for a nap. He seems to fall asleep and then... he throws up again. I pick him up, he continues throwing up, and go to the telephone to call Daniel.
But of course, I remember that the telephone company has cut our phone and internet (because we didn't pay our bill from last month. Except that we did. And Daniel kept taking the receipt back to show them. And they kept "forgetting." So then he had to pay money for them to reconnect. Or else we could have driven down to La Vega to argue it, which would cost more money. So he paid and they said they would connect it in 4 hours. It had already been 4 hours!
So then I pick up the cell phone. And it tells me I have no more minutes. Thankfully, Daniel was planning on calling me soon, and he does. He calls the doctor and tells her we're coming. I drive over to the clinic, where Jeremiah throws up a few more times, and Daniel meets me there. Doctor agrees we should have tests done, so we plan to get a stool test the next day.
Because Jeremiah is sick, we miss Bible Study (which was finally going to start up after the summer). We also miss the JCS Saturday beach trip we've been planning for a month (it kept being delayed due to the storms.
So, Saturday comes, we get tests done, the phone and internet finally get re-connected (after we've spent lots of money using our cell phone). It's a beautiful day, and I keep trying not to think about the fact that we should have been at the beach. I regret not getting to go, but I don't regret putting Jeremiah's health above the beach. The test results come back: he has pinworms. We get medicine for it. Ok, but that doesn't account for the stomach pain and the throwing up. Maybe it's just a passing bug?
So, all this to say, I decided we needed a break. So, we booked a hotel room for next Saturday night and are going to stay the weekend at the beach! A real (two-day) vacation!
Yesterday and today have been full of a very crabby baby (who could blame him? a cold, tummy troubles, pin worms, recent vaccine, and teething!). Oh, and did I mention that they cut our phone again today? At least I still have internet... for now...

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beth@thenaturalmommy said...

:-( Poor family!! I'm glad you get a beach get-away. I hope the weather works out and it's simply GORGEOUS.

I prayed for you this morning, specifically that you'd get some propane - how's that coming?

Hope Jeremiah gets better soon!