Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's for dinner?

We're on day 7 of no propane (= no stove or oven). We did lots of grilling, sauces in the rice-pot, etc. Tonight I even made moro (rice cooked with beans) in the crock-pot. But my meal for tomorrow night is not transferrable to grill or heating pots (falafel on homemade pitas that I haven't made). I'm at a loss! I'm really missing my stove/oven. I've been craving eggs and toast for breakfast (our stove is also our toaster). I have plenty of throw-together ideas, but they all involve a skillet! Ah well, lets just hope the town gets propane by tomorrow!

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beth@Thenaturalmommy said...

Can you put the skillet on the grill? Campfire-style? And grill up some toast while you're at it! :-) I hope you get propane soon!