Thursday, November 20, 2008

I blame the diaper hunt

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted! Since I don't spend much time sitting at the computer, I've spent most of my "internet" time on the cloth diaper hunt. (It's only through November) It's been fun to hunt through cloth diaper sights looking for the diaper icon, and discover what all is out there in the cloth diaper/natural baby products world. But, tonight I set aside time to blog, as Jeremiah is in bed and Daniel is outside making our dining room table.
What all have I been up to lately? Well, for those of you that wonder (and that's ok if you don't), here's a "loose" schedule I follow:
Monday, Wednesday
-Wake up at 6:30, make breakfast and eat with Daniel
-Daniel leaves, baby wakes up
-Play with baby, feed baby breakfast
-Put diapers in the washed
-Walk with a neighbor
-Do chores (laundry, dishes, plan tutoring, water plants, etc.)
-Read to Jer, Jer goes down for nap (11 or 11:30)
-Have quiet time, eat lunch, get Jer's lunch ready
-1:30 tutor; Jeremiah wakes up, feed him while tutoring
-2:30-3:30 play with Jer
-3:30-4:30 Algebra II tutoring
-Make dinner, Daniel comes home (Mon. Daniel makes dinner and I go to a women's prayer group at church, 5-6; Wed. Daniel and I have date night)

-Get up a 6, quiet time
-breakfast, Jer wake up, etc.
-I exercise with another neighbor (run or video)
-Come back, do random things, put Jer to nap
-Bake, sew, write, work outside, etc.
-Tues-lunch, feed Jer, more baking or other work, or Jer play
-Thurs- Jer wakes up, go to school to have late lunch with Daddy
-E/o Tues night- "dinner party" with friends

-non-eventful morning
-shopping in afternoon
-Bible study after dinner

Ok, that's fine if you skipped all of that. But, if you really wanted to know what I'm up to, there it is. :)
And I'll leave you with some pictures from our Costufallaween Party (Daniel's a clown, Jer's a leopard, and I'm the ring leader. It's our own family circus.).

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