Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Trip: Spring Break 2009

I finally uploaded our pictures to a picasa web album! Most of them, of course, are of Jeremiah.

Here's a brief run-down of our trip:

-Arrived Wednesday, April 1. Hung out with my parents next two days; ate at a German restaurant one night and had my grandparents over for my b-day celebration (and a huge Pennsylvania Dutch meal) the next. It was so fun to be home to celebrate my b-day!
-Saturday my mom had a mini-reunion with some women from her college dorm. We ate lots of food and hung out with my friend Devon.
-Sunday we went to church and then had a big party with Daniel's mom's fam. at their house. Daniel's sister was in for the week as well. We also ate lots of yummy Italian food.
-Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we spent the days with Daniel's family, and Daniel did recruiting at 3 different schools. On Monday Daniel's parents and I took Jer. to a children's museum. Tuesday night we ate yummy Thai food. Wed. night we had a family get together with Daniel's dad's family and (you guessed it) ate lots more food.
-On Thursday Daniel and I went on a lunch date and then came back to hang out with Daniel's cousin and his two kids at the Peterson house. Thursday night we hung out with friends from highschool.
-Friday we spent time with my family and my brother and sister-in-law. That night we went to a good Friday service where you walked through different "stations" in groups, going through the night of Christ's death. It was a very powerful experience.
-Satuday we spent with my family. That night we had a seder dinner (though we were two days late) with the Peterson family.
-Easter morning we had a big yummy breakfast with Peterson fam, a mini Easter egg hunt outside and in and attended a great celebration service at the church. Afterward we went to my parent's house and had a yummy dinner with family and another Easter egg hunt.
-Monday was our last day with family so we went out to dinner with both our parents.
-Tuesday we left.
So, basically, we spent lots of time with people, and ate lots of yummy food. We were spoiled. :)

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