Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saga of the Wall

Well, the saga of the wall has officially ended. Just before we moved into our current house last year (in March '08), we did some painting. We decided the orange walls had to go (one was in the kitchen/living area, the other was in our bedroom. I love blue, so of course we decided to go for blue in the bedroom (and navy in the living area). The navy wall turned out lovely and was finished before we moved in. However, we had some trouble with our bedroom wall. You see, there isn't any good way to really find out what color the paints dry here. You can look at their samples (and not take them with you), but that doesn't mean the color will actually turn out anything remotely similar. So, we tried our best and bought a blue we thought would work. Daniel started "cutting in" the top edge. Ugh- the blue was a very dark blue that wouldn't work in a bedroom. So, we started over. I wanted a "slightly-darker-than-sky-blue" blue. Once again, Daniel went out to try his best and bought a quart to test it. It ended up being a kinda light-turquoise blue. We decided that was do-able (and since then bought a comforter that coordinated, so it worked nicely). However, there was not enough in the can to finish the wall. This left a wall that was turquoise up to the top of window-level, orange the rest of the way, with a dark blue around the top edging. We moved in shortly there-after, and the poor wall has stayed that way, untouched and rather hodgepodged. That is, up until yesterday. On Saturday, we finally finished painting the wall! And now we have a nice, all-light-turquoise-blue wall. And so the wall saga has ended happily, just in time for a little one to be born and rest it's little head across from the now-completed wall.

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