Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Our house, before and after

I finally have some before/after pictures of the new house. I'll post them in parts (as I haven't taken all the "after" pictures yet. For now, we have pictures of our kitcha-dina-living room. A note on colors- all the walls that are painted in the kitcha-dina-living room were originally yellow. I wanted sage and cranberry, but you can't find those colors here (unless we wanted to spend lots of money to have them mix it and hope it turned out well. Which we didn't. Especially because we would get free paint otherwise. So, I chose to go with an avacadoy-sage green and a country rose. We've learned to do a lot of "making-do" living here!
Now for the "Before" pictures:

View from the back of the house to the front door

View to the kitchen (there's not a lot of cabinet space, so we have a lot on shelves

View of the kitchen

View from the door towards the living room (yes, it's a very small house)
Now for the "After" pictures (I took them at different times, so don't think I have up Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations at the same time!)

We put a dresser against the wall to have drawers in the kitchen; both it and our deep freeze (between dresser and door) act as extra counter space. :) Our table just fits between the counter and our large handmade shelf.

Looking into our bedroom and the bathroom

View of the kitchen with spice rack (on far wall next to the stove)

Check out my full-size stove!!! And we plan to change out the faucet as it's very low and hard to use (and I prefer the type of kitchen sink with a lever to bump on when my hands are raw-meaty instead of turning the knobs)We added a lot of decor to the living area
Shelves for decor, books, and DVDs (and a messy computer desk...)

The carpet helps to "set apart" the are as the living room (and Chiste likes to sleep on it) This table we actually bought for a Jer-play table, but since we don't have room, we turned our cheap-white coffee table into a shelf in the bedroom closet, and use this as our coffee table
So there you have it, more pics to come later!

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