Thursday, December 03, 2009

Peterson Photo Albums: November

Here's what we've been doing lately, in pictures. Each picture below links to a web album in picasa containing many more pictures (it takes me less time to upload pictures to picasa than to put them on the blog).

Trip to Santo Domingo:
In an attempt to amuse myself, I took pictures of the drive home (though I missed the "cashew and jelly" zone, as well as the "giant wooden spoon" zone. Near the end we have pictures of driving into Jarabacoa.


Dedication/Picnic/Visit to La Arca:

Two Sundays ago we had Timmy dedicated at our church down in town. Afterward, we went on a picnic along with Brian, a fellow Gerig-ite from Taylor. Then we took him back to la Arca, where he is living (he is serving with Kids Alive) and we visited with friends there.


Thanksgiving Day/Day After:

We had a wonderful thanksgiving day filled with friends, food, and fun. :) The highlights:
-Daniel smoked the turkey and built a fence while I cooked
-Friends came and brought wonderful food
-We celebrated Wendi's birthday
-We relaxed
-The next day I took the boys swimming in the pool here on campus, along with some friends


Random pics of the boys:
And, of course, here are some pics of the boys. These include:
-Jer's first time trimming a Christmas tree
-My little teddy bear


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