Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peterson Update

So, some of you may be wondering what we've been up to, aside from getting stuck in violent mobs. And if you're not wondering, that's okay too, but I'll tell you anyway. :)
-Basically this semester has been filled with us being ill on and off. It's ranged from fevers, to stomach issues, to a very nasty cold we all just recently fought. Currently we are all healthy, and Timmy's 2 1/2 month nasty cough has finally gone away. But, if you haven't noticed, I haven't had the energy to blog much in the past month.
-Our exciting news is our upcoming trip to the States! We leave on Saturday and will spend three weeks in Wheaton (though one weekend of that time will be in Upland, IN at a Gerig Hall Reunion). We look forward to spending time with family and friends.
-A few weeks after we return from the States, we plan to join the boy's trip to Pico Duarte. We're intend to take the boys with us. Because the group will be renting mules to carry the gear, we will be able to hike with the boys on our backs. It should be interesting (and hopefully fun)!
-Tina is growing and growing! Though she's only about 2 1/2 months old, she's already half the size of Chiste. She likes to chew on everything. And anytime Chiste growls or nips at her she make a big deal out of it and cries loudly (like a typical younger sibling).
-And now for random pictures from the past month:

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