Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ABCs of the USA

Here's a summary of our trip to the USA, the highlights. A few letters have multiple highlights:

A Arboretum abounding with arboles and adventures for kids all ages
B Birthday parties were a blast!
C Church services were appreciated and enjoyed
D Daniel delighted in his time off
E Excellent time with family and friends
F Food was eaten in abundance
G Gerig Hall Reunion- great fun, good friends, and maybe a bit of gluttony (just how many bratwursts did we eat?!)
H Hot dogs delivered by "H.O." sized choo-choo trains at "Two-toots; happy train ride with Daddy.
I International drivers license acquired
J Jeremiah joyfully jetted from Jarabacoa to JFK (and then some)
K Kielbasas over campfire; kid camped with Grandpa
L Liked looking at lions (and other "rar-ers)"
M Much movement over many miles
N Nibbled nature's nectarous fruits night and day
O Outings in boats
P Puzzles and games were played in abundance- "Play candy land with me!"
Q Questions, questions, questions, "What you say?" "What it is?" "Are you happy, mommy?"
R Relatives Really Rock!
S Stores were visited, stuff as bought, shopping successful but not stupendous (we're not shoppers); somersaults are sometimes suddenly disastrous
T Timmy toddled while pushing toy turtle
U Umbrellas necessary, unfortunately
V Visited parks and enjoyed very yummy picnics
W Water play- wet and wonderful!
X Xylophone with wheels and string enjoyed by both tots
Y Yes we like ice cream
Z Zoos were visited and talked about still; "Zzzzzz"s occasionally participated in

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