Thursday, September 06, 2007

The first month

Wow, a month has already gone by! On Saturday Jeremiah will be 1 month old! A lot has happened in that month. It was great to have my parents visit and help out around the house and with the baby. It would have been very difficult without that extra help! As far as recovery goes, I'm doing pretty well. The only things I have to be cautious about are not lifting heavy things for a while and not doing strenuous exercise. As far as Jeremiah goes, he's gained 2 pounds since birth, but hasn't gotten any longer- he's bulking up!
Along with learning how to be parents, this month was full of other craziness:
-Trying to get the birth certificate (this took multiple attempts in Santiago)
-Daniel driving to Santo Domingo to get an interview for the passport (the interview will be in October)
-school starting a week late
-school starting still short teachers and with teachers sick and in the hospital (the director missed the first two days because his wife was one of them)
-school continuing with more teachers getting sick and going to the hospital
-and in our third week, we still have 2 teachers sick, 1 of which just went to the hospital
Daniel said his classes are going well; he's teaching junior high and high school science.

So, please be praying for the illnesses that have been spreading (some are bacterial, and some are Denge, a serious mosquito disease)

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Joanna said...

Wow! So much has been going on! I'll be praying everyone in your household stays healthy- and out of the hospital!