Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random Stuff

Uggg... it's been a hot week, at least during the day, and in the house (which takes forever to cool off in the evenings, and we can't leave our front door open for very long until we put our screen back up). Anyway, it's been too hot to think of anything much to write on our blog, so I'll update you all on the latest food going-ons.
Recently our chinola vine beared (bore? what verb is it) fruit (2 actually) and we made 2 glasses of chinola juice. Yummy. :)
Our menu for the week:
Saturday night- split pea soup (peas soaked in our rice cooker) and bread-machine herb bread
Sunday- burgers, grill fries, salad, and jello
Monday- Mango-melon soup, wraps with homemade tortialls, and roasted corn dip with homemade "pita" chips (using the homemade tortialls, which are somewhere in between and tortilla and pita because I don't like to make them thin)
Tuesday- Dinner group at Leah's
Wednesday- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and vegetable
Thursday- use leftover mashed potatoes and put in leftover vegetables from the week, and meat from the freezer
Friday- leftovers, throw together, find something in the freezer, or eat the bats in our roof that keep pooping in our house

So, there it is. Other things worth mentioning... Jeremiah is starting to "Goo", smile, and laugh! We are trying to get a video put up of him, but are having difficulties getting it from our camera to the computer. Speaking of Jeremiah, I should go feed him.....

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