Sunday, November 04, 2007

Baby Products and Chemicals

So, my mom sent me a link to an article about possible dangers of baby personal care products. I didn't think much about it at first, because the article isn't very specific, but then I decided to look into it a bit more. As I researched on the internet, I realized how many skin care products contain chemicals that are not good for human use. I don't know why I never questioned in the past the chemicals that I put on my skin everyday. I have allergies, and I never thought about the possibility that my worsening allergies may be due to things I use everyday. Even more, it made me think about the products I use on Jeremiah. Why did I not think that putting talc or mineral oil on him might not be a good thing? Now, I don't want to be an over-obsessive mother, but I don't like the thought of using un-necessary, harmful chemicals on him on a regular basis. In my searching, I found a great website that rates many different products, lists the ingredients, and why certain ingredients are harmful (ex. found to do (fill in the blank) when tested in high doses, or found to do (blank) when tested in low doses, etc.). It's a very helpful website to find products that are less harmful. My question is, how does one afford these products because, just as the tendency is with health food, the healthier products are generally more expensive than the unhealthy ones? When I massage him I can use vegetable oil (better anyways because it's edible and he often sticks his hand in his mouth) and cornstarch on hot days or at night to prevent heat rash (he gets very sweaty). But, any recommendations for inexpensive safe diaper rashes (he gets a little in one area if we don't use diaper rash cream), baby wash, suntan lotion, etc?
I also want to look into better products for myself that I use daily (certain things every one in a while I don't think will be too bad). My allergies have worsened over the years and my use of lotions, body sprays, etc. have increased. I don't know if there's a corollation, but it's worth looking into. I have an aloe plant I sould take advantage of, and I have 100% cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil.
Any thoughts? Do any of you use natural products?
Another helpful website.
(note: The website with the ratings also rates the health and protection of sunscreen products)

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Jes said...

My Sisters in law and mother in law also have allergies to just about every type of lotion, body spray, perfume, soap, laundry det. etc. The best thing to do is just stop using the perfume and body spray and use the unscented "natural" soaps and lotions. I'm not sure what is available down there by you, we use Pure and Natural bar soap, Dial makes it. it's great and cheap.
They also can't be around candles or air freshener. pretty much anything that makes a pretty smell is off limits. It's hard to get used to the change, especially if you normally have candles in your house, or wear perfume.
But if you cut back completely I'm sure you'll be feeling better.