Monday, November 26, 2007

Jeremiah's First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year started out with cinnamon rolls at Leah's house. Next, we went to the school to play some football. Afterward, we ran home (literally; Leah took Jeremiah and Daniel and I jogged home), finished baking our food, and went to Leah's for a small Thanksgiving dinner that included Leah, Dylan, Karen, Regan and his parents, and us. After dinner we relaxed and watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

From there, we went home, fed Jeremiah, and joined the large gathering (JCS people and others) for dessert. Then, we went home and packed for the weekend. The next day, we started off on our trip to Monte Cristi with Regan and his parents, and Dylan. We spent two nights camping on the beach and being eaten by bugs. The area of Monte Cristi is very different than the rest of the D.R. It is very dry and has a lot of low shrubs and cacti. Around our campsite it was rocky, and not very "beachy." Highlights include: a short but very enjoyable hike, hanging by the pool of a nearby hotel, cooking fish and other yummy food over the fire, playing games, and seeing beautiful views (like the sun setting over the ocean and the full moon rising-not over the ocean). It was an adventure, and we came back with lots of bug bites, but it was enjoyable, even so. :)
Monte Cristi
Peterson Fam at JCS Fall Festival
Jeremiah and the Fall Fairies at the JCS festival

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