Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exercising with Baby

I enjoy exercising. But, I don't want to sacrifice baby nap time to do it. The solution- exercise with the baby. While I was pregnant, I exercised using a pregnant moms dance exercise video. I really enjoyed it, and looked into videos of exercises I could do with Jeremiah. I discovered the Mambo Moms exercise video. I enjoy doing it, and it calms him down and puts him to sleep. He loves doing the floor exercises with me. I use my new Ergo Baby Carrier to do the video, but any baby carrier would work. It's great to exercise and "play" with Jeremiah at the same time. But of course, if you're looking for a free way to exercise with your baby, turn on some music and dance! Or, go for a nice walk. Here's a page to find some strength exercises that can be done with baby (the exercises for mom are near the end of the PDF).

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Jeni Allen said...

I hadn't heard of Mambo Moms, thanks for sharing! The only dancing baby and I did together was the "Cranky Pants Dance," but your video thing sounds better. :-)