Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cheap Storage

Since plastic storage items are so expensive here (about 3 to 4 times the price in the States), we are always looking for ways to reuse what we already have. Before Jeremiah was born, we received many gifts in the mail. Some of the baby items came in nice, plastic bags with closures. I felt bad throwing them away, so I saved the bags in case I needed them. Fast forward a few months. I was looking for a way to organize my plastic food containers and tops. I put the containers in a large foil baking dish, and tried to think of somewhere to keep the tops. That's when I remembered the nice bags I had saved. I grabbed two of them- one for the jar tops and one for the plastic container tops. Daniel put a few nails up, and we hung the bags in the pantry. Other ways we've reused things for storage are by using a zippered bag (maybe from a package of sheets?) to store my stationary and stickers, using a cookie tin for my jewelry, and using plastic jars for Daniel's nails to organize his "tools" area. So, when you buy an item that comes in packaging too nice to waste, hang on to it- it may come in handy!

Bags for tops

Daniel's tool area

My bag for foot soak/lotion/massage stuff; tin for jewelry; bag for stationary; and to the right a yet-to-be used nice zippered bag for something

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Hambone said...

i have my stationery in a zippered plastic sheet bag too! great minds think alike...(Devon)