Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to the Motorcycle

About a year ago we had a motorcycle stolen in our gated area below the house. We had left the gate unlocked (but closed) and were upstairs watching a movie. Someone opened the gate and took the bike. Through the generous gifts of others, God quickly provided money for a new bike and we got smarter about protecting it. We always kept our gate locked in the evenings, and almost every day (unless tutoring and having students coming and going). We kept the motorcycle chain locked to the fence overnight. Daniel always locked the steering lock, so you couldn't turn the handle bars.
All this to say, last night our motorcycle was stolen...again. Someone broke the lock on the gate and on the chain. They obviously knew what they were doing. This comes in the middle of us trying to figure out why Jeremiah isn't sleeping (and seems in pain when laid down- probably digestion related) and right after discovering that we won't have insurance on him at least until Feb. (which prob. means later), though we had submitted all the proper information in September. Does this sound familiar? Yes, last time when our motorcycle was stolen we had just discovered that I did not have insurance (see blog here). Does this sound like a reoccurring problem? Definitely.
In all of this, we are trusting that God will continue to be faithful (He has been so far!). Right now, we don't use the motorcycle as much as last year (since we can't take Jeremiah on it), and Daniel can ride his bicycle to and from work. We potentially have a passola we can borrow for a while, and will not look into buying a new bike until we decide if we are staying next year. Daniel reminded me that the bike was never really ours- God provided it fully when we needed it, and we can trust Him to continue providing for us as we have needs. At least I think we have a better attitude about it this time than we did last time. (Does that mean we're learning, or just too tired to think too much about it...?)

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Oh no! But you guys have such a great attitude about it - I love what Daniel said about the bike not being "yours". If only we had that attitude about all "our" earthly possessions!

You're definitely learning. And sometimes you learn the best in a sleep-deprived early-motherhood (er, parenthood) state. Don't you doubt that for a second.