Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Welcome 2008

Jeremiah decided to celebrate his first New Year in a rather uncomfortable way. (Okay, so he didn't have much choice in the matter) Shortly after our friends Sopeak and Zay (whom we hadn't seen in a year) came over, Jeremiah threw up all over me. He's thrown up before, but I've never seen him throw up so much at once. I changed clothes, and we thought maybe he had swallowed some water in his bath and that it was over and done with. I later fed him, and as soon as I held him up, he threw up again. I changed again, and this time we realized he may be sick. Later as my mom held him, he threw up and dry heaved a little. We put him to bed, checking on him often. Finally in the night he ate and didn't throw up. The next day he ate little and by the evening he was looking like himself again.
However, in the middle of the night I woke up feeling nauseous. I won't go into all the grusome details, but throughout the day (Wednesday) and half the night I couldn't even keep liquids down. I never realized how miserable it would be to be dehydrated and still have to nurse! Finally on Friday I was able to get up and go to Sears with Daniel to pick up my new glasses and have them fitted. On Saturday, God gave me enough strength to get through the airplane rides, etc. back to the D.R. And Jeremiah was great on the plane! Praise the Lord!
Daniel was a huge help during those last few days- since I was out of comission. He did the last minute shopping, Christmas letters, and did all the packing.
As far as Jeremiah goes, since he was sick he has not been sleeping well, which of course means less sleep for the parents. For the past few nights we've had to pull him in bed with us for him to actually sleep. So, if you've wondered why there have been no blogs lately: sick, traveling, no sleep, nothing good to write about (more on that later).

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Hambone said...

I am glad Jeremiah was good on the plane! That is one thing to be very thankful for. I miss you much already girl, and I hope you and I both have a fantastic year ahead of us. We might have to muster some energy from somewhere, but - again - we know where to look for energy, right? I love you and send a prayer your way!