Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Here are some pics and videos from his birthday and party. More videos to come.

On his birthday, he went swimming with his new floatie seat.
It even has a sun shade!
Here's a video of him swimming. Please ignore the strange noises I'm making...

We gave him a few presents to open on Friday, but he was more interested in the salt shaker and garlic powder.

He also liked the ribbon (don't worry, we took it away).

We skyped with the Grandparents so they could sing to Jeremiah. Yes, I know I am off-key.

The next morning he dumped the pepper on our coffee table (while I was getting ready for the party).
The "spread". I'll blog on the food later. :)

Daddy and the birthday boy.

Mommy and the birthday boy.

We put up his "new" (i.e. found in Grandparent's attic) swing. He loved it!

Mommy joined in on the fun.

He loves his new car. It even turns into a walker!

His "fancy" birthday cake (more to come on it later)

Enjoying his cake

Daddy was especially excited about the tool set.

He was much more curious about opening presents Saturday at the party.
And now... his birthday cake!

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Alisse Goldsmith said...

tree, my best friend's son has that walker/car toy thing :) HE LOVES IT. I think it helped him with balance and walking ten times quicker.

Jer is HUGE! And adorable :) I love your photo posts.