Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gardening, and My Little Green Thumb

Between last weekend and this weekend, we did a lot of garden work. I moved the cilantro and parsley to planters, the fennel to a pot, and the dill to another small location. Now I have an area with a little shade to plant my beans. The hot Dominican sun was proving too much for them. This way, they will get only the afternoon sun, which should be enough for them. In the sunny place where I had the beans previously, I planted plum tomatoes. In between the beans and plum tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes are growing and doing well! I already have some beautiful little green tomatoes. I just hope that the bugs don't get to them before they ripen.

I will plant beans in the front area; plum tomatoes are in the back.

Baby green tomatoes

Jeremiah, of course, had fun playing in the dirt. So, most of my gardening pictures were of my little green thumb:

Playing with weeds

Somehow he put a weed on his head... (and yes, he did it on his own)

Looking in at mommy's garden

Crawling away

And if anyone can tell me why blogger keeps rotating my pictures, I'd appreciate it. :)

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