Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doctor's Visit and Baby Dreams

We went to the doctor's on Saturday for our monthly check-up. We have a different doctor and hospital for this baby. When Jeremiah was born, the hospital was not yet finished. I remember passing it on the main road, in labor, on the way to our other hospital and saying, "If that hospital were finished we'd be there already!" Well, we have our chance with this baby. It is so exciting to go to a nice, quiet, clean hospital (and they take our insurance too; and this time we have insurance because the company didn't mess up! at least that we know of...). The hospital is named HOMS (Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago). It's supposedly "the largest hospital in the Dominican Republic and one of the most modern hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean," according to Wikipedia. And with our 3-cylinder engine, it doesn't cost too much in gas to get there and back (though it may be a little slower). The bathrooms even have soap! And toilet seats! (unlike the other hospital...) So after you give a urine sample, you can actually wash your hands! What an idea!
Ok, anyway....
At this visit we could actually see the baby, the heartbeat, and the arms and legs! We even saw it move! It suddenly felt real. There's actually a little baby inside of me! We're actually going to have another baby! But then, with relization setting in, the baby dreams started last night. You know, the kind where you have the baby but lose it, or forget it somewhere, or it turns out to be a monkey. I remember having tons of strange dreams like that in my last pregnancy.
Last night I dreamt that we had a baby girl. Only it was about 3 months early. And they wouldn't bring her down to nurse. And then when I was finally nursing her, she disappeared and I couldn't find her. Strange...
So, that's the baby and preggy update. :)
Jer's still doing well. Kept the training pants dry the entire afternoon until bed time (had on diaper for church and nap). We've even taken him out shopping or on a long walk, and he's still been dry when we get home. Apparently he's learned to control it. Of course, I'm still bracing myself for a regression, but am enjoying it for now!

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Ross said...

I vote for the monkey baby! Best wishes Tree.