Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more rain!

Well, after raining every day for almost a week, today is sunny and warm! (See here for article on the rain)
Here's what rain means in the D.R.:
-Lots of flooding
-No dry clothes (even though we hang our clothes under shelter so it doesn't rain on them, they still don't dry (even the clothes I washed last week!) because the air is too wet. This meant we ran out of training pants for Jer. Which means he was not very happy to be in diapers.
-Not good for roads (when you live on dirt roads, a lot of rain means a lot of mud and a lot of potholes. Ok, not potholes- these things are the size of boulders)
-Cold! Yes, I know it's not nearly as cold as in the States right now. But when I woke up this morning the temperature was in the 50s. And when you have lots of windows that don't close all the way, the house gets very chilly. And we don't have many warm clothes here. And we're wimps after living here 4 years...

But, it's a warm, beautiful day, the clothes are drying, and Jeremiah is back in training pants. So we're all good. :)

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Devon said...

Between the trail and living in Belize, I can definitely appreciate your relief at seeing the sun again! Amen!

I hear you're coming in March??! This is amazingly wonderful news. I can't wait!!!