Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Bike Ride

Yesterday was Independence day. That meant Daniel had a holiday! To celebrate we ate chocolate chip-banana pancakes (Jer missed out on the chocolate chips), went bike riding, and had a b-b-q potluck with our small group. This was our first family bike ride, and the most exercise I've done since being pregnant (I've just been walking and sometimes doing my preggy work-out video). But, I hung in there, in spite of walking up a few of the bigger hills (put too much strain on my belly). We biked to a nearby waterfall (about 30 min ride, though it took longer this time). The whole way there I felt exhausted and wondered why it was so difficult. Then on the way back I coasted 90% of the time and hardly peddled. Ah ha! That's why it was so difficult going the other way!
Here are some pics of our trip:

All Ready to Go!

We put the rest of the bike trip pics on Picasa; it uploads quicker. :) Click on the link below:

Bike Ride

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