Sunday, May 03, 2009


Wow; I am so behind in blogging! After our joy of having new batteries for our inverter, it stopped working the very next day. And so our inverter itself is getting fixed. And, of course, this past week has been one of the worst lately in power outages. The times we have had power I've been concerned with figuring out what to do about Jeremiah's ongoing rash, making paper-play-food, and spending time with the hubby.
So, with that introduction, last Sunday was the annual JCS Kermes. Daniel worked all day (and subsequently had Monday off) while I came after church and nap time. In spite of the rain, it went very well and I chased around a little boy the whole time. :) There were many games, but only a few suitable for a 1 1/2 yr old: the lolly-pop pull (he won tickets, but I didn't give him the lolly-pop), duck pull, and sponge toss (except we modified it to the sponge whack for him). With the tickets he won, he picked out a few prizes (a mini toy car, which Chiste ate the wheels off, and a little toy motorcycle). Here are a few pics from the event:

Decorated for the "safari" theme

Unfortunately, we only have video of Jeremiah smacking his daddy with a sponge, but here's a pic of a student throwing a very wet sponge at "el director"

Us in our "safari" outfits (hey, my shirt has leaves on it- it counts!)

After our lunch break

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