Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet-and-Greet Monday: Jeremiah's best friend

Jeremiah loves Chiste. And now that Chiste is an indoor/outdoor dog (in and out throughout the day, sleeps in our laundry room area at night) he can play with him even more! Sometimes Jeremiah gets upset when Chiste wants to be outside and Jeremiah is inside. He's constantly asking where he is: "Chite!?" (that's pronounced Cheetay) We're having to do some training to teach Chiste that Jeremiah is not a puppy, but comes above him on the "doggy scale." And it's helping that Jeremiah is starting to reprimand him when he's naughty. So, Chiste is getting much better at not growling when Jeremiah annoys him (gets at his food, bothers him when he's resting, etc. And of course, we're trying to teach Jeremiah not to do those thing (but we still don't want Chiste reacting to it). But, Chiste's getting better (not so sure about Jeremiah). Anyway, here are some pics of Jer and his buddy:

Trying to "snuggle" Chiste

Joining Chiste on his doggy bed

And now for some more random pics of Jer:

His first play dough experience!

Just plain cuteness

Here's the play food set I made out of really bad silverware (the fork bends when you stab broccoli), extra lids from lost plastic containers, and laminated paper food. I tried to make a nice place setting...

...but it didn't last for long:

Eating cheese with a spoon

And here's what happens when he puts his shoes on by himself:

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