Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toddlers and Blogging

So, because I've been trying to spend more deliberate time with Jeremiah, I haven't been on the computer nearly as much. However, he's been hitting less during the day (the evening is another story...). So, more time with Jeremiah= less time on computer= happy toddler. But, it also =less time blogging = less pictures of Jeremiah on the blog = not as happy grandparents. ;) (they haven't said anything, I'm just assuming they miss pictures of him). So, due to mail day yesterday and Jeremiah receiving a cool cook set and play food from Grammy Dee and Grandpa How, I've had a little more free time today.
Mail day was indeed exciting yesterday. We also received a wonderful baby/toddler care package. It has lots of fun things, including toys Jeremiah will receive when the new baby comes (and some we'll give him between now and then).
-I need to interrupt myself to mention that Jeremiah just brought me a plate with bread, a tomato, two slices of cheese, a can of salmon, and a can of baked beans. He also made a plate up for himself of cheese (he really likes the cheese), lettuce, can of salmon, and canned corn. And just a few minutes ago he was blowing on the pots and food saying "hot." It's so fun to see him using his imagination!-
Okay, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so last night we had fun opening mail. :)
Other things we've been doing lately- I finished making curtains for our bedroom, and a curtain to cover the shelves in our hallway. I'm excited about having those finished- now every window in the house (besides the ones in the shower and the high window that opens to the laundry room) has some sort of curtain/window treatment. It only took 4 years! (we didn't do much in the other house) I'll put up pictures some time.
Alrighty, time for pictures of Jeremiah (and other misc. things like squid).

Jeremiah practicing hammering (unfortunately, we had to take this toy away as he kept hitting me with it)

Jeremiah showing off his Wisconsin Onesie Jeremiah loves to snuggle Chiste!

We've been trying to teach Jeremiah how to be "suave" with Chiste, while at the same time trying to teach Chiste that if he's going to be an indoor dog, he needs to put up with toddlers. :) Hopefully they're both learning.

Jeremiah and his "train" that we made out of boxes

Chef Jeremiah with his new cook set

Cherry pie/cheescake:
I had some frozen cherries I'd been saving, pitted them (which took forever!) and made them into cherry pie filling. But I decided to go the extra mile and make a cheesecake layer for the pie. However, the cherry filling was heavier than the cheescake layer, so instead of being layered, it turned into a mix. But it was still super yummy!

We found squid (tentacles) for less than $1 per pound! Doesn't that look appetizing? ;) We're excited, anyway.

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Linda said...

I've never seen such a large squid for human consumption! How was it?