Monday, June 01, 2009

The craziness has begun!

It began with this weekend, and will continue for the next two weeks. Here's a rundown:
Friday, May 5: coffee house at our house for JCS staff
Saturday, May 6: graduation ceremony/grad party for two MKs.
Sunday, May 7: Dinner at Ark after church to celebrate Dominican Mother's Day; home for nap; BBQ at Escuela Caribe
Monday: free evening!
Tuesday: Pick up friend and former teacher, Leah, (and her son) from airport
Wednesday: go out for a date; Leah babysits :)
Thursday: Have friends over for dinner
Friday: go to beach for the night
Saturday: drive back from beach in the afternoon; 8th grade graduation
Sunday: church, potluck at Escuela Caribe; church members meeting that evening
Monday: free night!
Tuesday: Kindergarten graduation
Wednesday: Awards night
Thursday: Staff party
Friday: Report Card Meeting, hang out with friends
Saturday: 12th grade graduation
Sunday: Dinner at friends
And hopefully that's the end of the craziness! So, if you want to know what we're doing any given evening, there it is.

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