Monday, June 22, 2009

Our crazy week: including dog attack

Wow, here's a run down:
-Last Saturday (13th): senior graduation; power went out are our house
-Sunday: Church, Cook-out at a JCS parent's house, nap time, dinner at Regan's house
-Monday: Still missing one line of power (we have 2 lines of 110 running into our house), extension cords throughout the house (as we have two working outlets).
-Tuesday: go to pool with another mom and kids, Daniel has meeting
-Wednesday: date night; yay!
-Thursday: Daniel takes off the day and we go to Santiago for baby check-up. Buy a deep freeze with tax rebate. The trickle from our spare water tank runs out leaving us with no running water at all (we were already avoiding showering at home and running wash)
-Friday: Daniel uses buckets to lift water from our cistern to wash the diapers in our washer.
-Same day: I'm walking with a friend when Chiste is attacked by a german shepherd. Of course, instead of letting go of the leash, I try to kick the dog off Chiste. Dog bites me, I start falling (Jer's on my back) and grab the nearest thing: a barbed wire fence. Spend the day going to the clinic, resting at friend's house, etc. Daniel takes off work to be with me. Thankfully, the owner of the dog goes with us and pays for the damages. Chiste has bites, but is doing fine. Jeremiah has a few scraps from the barbed wire fence, but nothing deep.
-Saturday: rest
-Sunday: Father's Day: attempt to make breakfast with not much use of left hand (all scratched up from barbed wire), church, rest, go to hotel for lunch and swimming in pool.

So, that was our exciting week. I'm still on the mend, and my left hand is getting sore from typing. I'm so thankful that Jeremiah is fine and for our various friends who helped us, fed us, gave us medicine, etc. What a blessing they are!
We're still missing our 1 line of power, but Daniel re-wired things on Saturday so that all our lights, and fans are running on the 1 line we do have. Still no water, though, as the pump needs both lines.


Brent said...

Yikes! I'm glad you're OK.

Jes said...

oh no!!! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt too bad! I hope you heal quickly. and everything gets taken care of at the house. I'm glad you got to wash diapers!!!