Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet-and-Greet: Shaving Cream fun and senior graduation

So I realized that even though I'd posted pictures to my Picasa web album, I had yet to put them on my blog. Graduation was actually about 2 weeks ago. It was the first senior graduation for Jarabacoa Christian School! Quite a few teachers from past years came down the the event. The graduating class consisted of 4 students; the graduation included the ceremony, a meal, and dancing. We left before the dancing because it was already late by the time the dancing began (almost 11), and we wanted to relieve the babysitter. Here are the pics:

Last Thursday Jer and I went to a friend's house to having some shaving cream fun. 4 boys+ lots of shaving cream = a big mess! The youngest of the other boys is 3, and Jeremiah attempts to say his name. When I ask him if we had fun, or say we're going to have fun today, he nods and says "agua, An-y." (We've also been going to the pool with them once a week). So, Jeremiah associates fun with water and "An-y." And now for pics:

And they're finally clean!

For more pics of shaving cream fun, go to our online album here:

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Joanna said...

Looks like Jer had so much fun! And, look at him in his big-boy underwear, running with the big boys!

Were you covered in shaving cream, too?