Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Little Spanglish Boy

He can count to 10 in English... almost. When he gets to 8 he says 0cho instead of eight. Then he says nine and ten in English. I'm not sure how he figured out that ocho and eight are the same thing, since we always count to 10 in one language. He know the Spanish numbers to 10 too, but he skips 5. Not sure what he has against it. And we've noticed a new Spanish word he brought home from school- "Mio!" (Mine). He already knew mine, but now he says it in Spanish. Which I think is cuter (if saying "mine!" is ever cute).
As far as letters go, we're focusing on just English right now. It's so confusing between the vowels, etc. that we decided to stick to one language at first. Though he doesn't know the order of the letters, he can recognize and name each letter!
And thus concludes a brief "Jer update."

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