Monday, September 07, 2009

Our Weekend Adventures

Starting with Friday:

We had the firetruck follow us home to put water in our cistern (still trying to figure out the water problem, and why we don't have city water).

I snuck a picture through the window; there's the fireman filling the cistern

Jeremiah helped Grammy Dee make lasagna for dinner (he's putting on zucchini)

Now for Saturday: We went down to Santiago for my check-up; while there we took a trip to PriceSmart (like Sams club), bought a pizza there after shopping, and went to the monument to eat it (the pizza, not the monument).

Daniel carrying Timmy in PriceSmart

The monument; the parking lot was filled with pigeons. If you wanted, you could buy feed and have the pigeons swarm your car... not sure why you'd want to pay for that...

Sitting down for pizza

View from the monument

Our family :)

Making a potty stop for Jer on the side of the highway
Sunday we went to church; it was fun to introduce Timothy to our friends

Another family photo (at church)

After lunch and nap-time we went to a neighbor's birthday party (Anthony turned 3)

Timmy with Grammy Dee and Grandpa How

The birthday boy is standing in the middle; Jer's on the far left
And now for other random pictures:

Snuggling with Jer

Me and my boys

Jer and his new blocks

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Linda said...

I love the picture of Jeremiah in his apron helping to make the lasagna - he's so serious and really is helping! He's so big.