Sunday, August 27, 2006

First week of school ends in rain

Well, it finally started- school. This past Tuesday was our first (half) day of school. It went fairly well for both of us. However, by the end of the week, we both felt overwhelmed. For me, Teresa, I felt overwhelmed by the number of students I had in a small amount of space. A few of my students struggle in English, and a few struggle with sitting still in their seats! But, besides that, I'm enjoying my class. If I can just find a way to make them like reading in class! Daniel felt overwhelmed by one class in particular. This is the class that has 1 girl and 8 squirrely boys that jump around, yell, and throw things. So, we could use some prayer, but I think it will be a good, and challenging, year. Friday, the rain began, thanks to Hurricane Ernesto (then a tropical storm). It had stopped raining by evening, which was good, because we were going camping. We hiked up to Spider Point (where we've gone camping before) with Katie and Jory (sp?), one of the new teachers. Daniel was able to get a fire started (we took up dry kindling since the wood was wet), and Katie made calzones which we roasted in the fire. We talked, ate, played Rook, and went to bed. That night it rained like crazy. Some of the water dripped in our tent (which had not happened previously, and we've camped in multiple rain storms). It stopped for us in the morning, but we could not get a fire going, since everything was wet. Katie cooked eggs over our camping stove, and then Daniel and I made pan bread over the stove. It was super yummy, but not quite as good as stick bread over the fire. We then realized that between the 4 of us, we had eaten about 4 pounds of flour from the 5 pound bag Katie brought, between dinner the night before and breakfast, which is about 10 servings of flour each. Oops! After that we took down camp, hiked back, went grocery shopping, and it proceeded to rain some more. And then it rained today. A lot. And it's supposed to rain this whole week. Jarabacoa Weather Forecast But, at least it's cooled things down a bit- which is really, really nice! Well, that's all for now. :) Hope the rest of you are staying dry! God bless. :)

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