Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ode to Our Van

Last week we sold our van. While this is a very happy thing, I am still a little attached to it, so I feel I must give it some kind of farewell. This is my "Ode to Our Van:"

We bought the van before I could drive
So blue, and metal, and new
But what this van would become and how much it would mean
I didn't have a clue

My mom used the van to drive her to work

And we used it for road trips galore

And then one fateful day, my mom had a jeep

And she didn’t need the van anymore

I turned 16 years old and I needed to work

So to get around I drove the van

It took me to places I wanted to go

And on wonderful dates with my man

I took it to Taylor my sophomore year

And it served me very well

From road trips, to visits, student teaching, and more

But there is still one thing to tell

My junior year I visited Dan

And we drove to Wheaton together

And to my happy surprise he proposed! (in the van)

(Due to the very cold weather)

It served us well in our marriage bliss

And it became my graduation gift

But we left it at home when we went far away

And my parents cared for it without being miffed.

This summer we knew we must say good-bye

For sell it we had to do

So we put the van up for sale

And bid it “Au Dieu.”

So now the van is gone for good

And for the new owners I trust

It will be as great a van for them

As it was for us.


Leah said...

okay - I almost cried... And then I remembered my van...

See you on Friday!

Devo said...

i just read your ode for the first time...i don't think i ever knew THAT was the car the proposal happened in! that is truly a sad thing to lose...and i have some pretty sweet NC memories from it too. i'll miss her!