Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Improvement

Since we've been back, in addition to working on our classrooms, we've also been working on our home. We got Chai back on Sunday, and since then, she has been a very well-behaved, sweet kitten. She still bites to play and has spurts of energy, but she likes being held more than she has previously, and she bites and scratches a lot less. I hope it lasts! She sleeps a lot more, but is still a great jumper.
Anyway, on to the home improvements, we've added a few small things, but I think they make a difference. We added curtains to our two doors that have windows. Our other windows are wood slates, so they don't need curtains. We bought a carpet that is coming in the mail. We put up a pretty wall clock that my brother and sister in Currently Daniel is outside putting up chicken wire on the railing of our porch so Chai can be out there without running away. So, it's only little things, but it makes it feel more homey. :) We'll send pictures later...


Beth said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

Ashley said...

Hooray you're back!

We also had to put chicken wire along the gates around our house in Peru. :-) I hope Chai stays nice! I had a present for her but I forgot to give it to you :-( I had to hide it because my kitties kept trying to play with it, but then I forgot.