Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday Fun and Sick not-so-fun

Wow, I’m a quarter of a century old! To celebrate, on Sunday, Daniel took me to a beautiful restaurant in the mountains. Another couple joined us. The scenery was beautiful. We saw multiple people parachuting off a nearby mountain (that is a popular tourist thing here). Today, Monday (March 31) , Daniel prepared me a wonderful breakfast of French toast with strawberries. Jeremiah made me a onesie that says, “Happy Birthday Mommy.” Who else could have made it; he’s the only one that can call me mommy! ;)


View from the Restaurant

Cute Baby!

Birthday cake butt

I spent my day by exercising with Jeremiah, tutoring, napping, and tutoring some more. I ended the day watching home videos of Daniel as a little boy (my request) and going to bed sick. As my sickness progressed, so did the rain. It seemed to rain constantly from Tuesday to Thursday. My fever spiked Tuesday night at 104.4. We figured it was probably a flu virus, but because we didn’t want to take any chances (in case it was the rat disease or something else) I started on antibiotics (the one that’s not harmful while nursing). I praise God that now, on Thursday (April 3), I’m feeling so much better. I am also thankful to Daniel who took such good care of me and for Leah who came over on Tuesday to help take care of Jeremiah and did some dishes while I rested!

Update to Sick not-so-fun:

On Friday I awoke with a fever again and my body ached. And I had a rash. Leah came over again and helped out. I rested Saturday and Sunday, and finally on Monday was feeling more like myself! Our pastor and his wife stopped by on Sunday with a meal for us, and his wife took me in Monday (April 7) morning for a blood test, just to make sure everything was okay. I’m so thankful to all who helped us during this time, and am so glad that I have energy back!


Anonymous said...

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

JEREMIAH! YOU ARE SO BIG! AND SO! DARN! CUTE! I so want you to meet Benjamin. I have a feeling you two would just have a blast getting into and climbing onto things.

And happy birthday, Tree! I'm so glad you're better. I can't believe you got so sick! Thank God you had help with your baby!

Jes said...

Happy (late) Birthday! How did your blood test turn out? is everything okay?

Your baby is getting so big!!! I love the cake butt!