Saturday, April 26, 2008

Da-da and Bwha-bwha

Da-da, of course, is Daniel. And Bwha-bwha, is me. He's been making the da-da-da noise for a while now, but it was just recently that we could tell he actually understands who "Da-da" is. Yesterday when Daniel walked in the room he excitedly cried, "Da!" He tries to say, "ma-ma," but everytime he tries it comes out, "bwha-bwha." It's a similar lip motion, and since he tries to mimic our lips, that's what he gets. Today when we tried to put him down for a nap, he was happily playing. However, he soon got bored with that, and started yelling. We heard a very distinct, "Bwha-bwha!" "Da-da!" and then, "A, a, a, a." It was cute. But then he started getting mad. That wasn't so cute. So much for the nap (he was off his normal nap schedule today -already had 2 naps in the carrier- so we decided we wouldn't force it if he wasn't tired).

Other milestones of interest- he can stand in his crib (with it all the way down) and his pack and play. He is very close to crawling (he can crawl a little on our bed).

And for some random pics (these are pre-haircut):

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