Friday, April 25, 2008

Eggs for Dinner

In an attempt to find more ways to save money, as the price of food continues to rise, I've looked into finding more meat alternatives. One thing we've done is made a "Dominican night" every Wednesday. This often means beans as our source of protein, though not always, as I love Dominican chicken too! Another thing we've done is to have an egg night. Once a week I try to make a meal with eggs as the protein source. Of course, we could just do breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, omlets, etc.), but I would get a little bored with that every week. So, we've looked into creative egg meals. We've made fried rice, tomoato poached eggs (and threw in some beans), bean egg soup, egg curry, and this week we're having Brazilian Quiche. Eggs are easy to throw in soups, salads, rice, etc.. either scrambled or hard-boiled. We've also done potato/veggie skillets with dippy eggs on top (which I guess is a breakfast thing). All this to say, eggs are a great, frugal protein substitue to meat (when you consider the cost of 1-2 eggs per person compared to meat prices). If you have any other yummy egg recipes, I would love to try them out. :)
For more frugal tips, see Biblical Womanhood.


Niki said...

great tip! we do eggs a lot for dinner!


Sara said...

You're so close to vegetarianism- just chuck the chicken;)

Sara- recruiting for vegetarianism since.... um...1997. Rock on.